Machine Learning with Eunsu Kang

What makes you an artist?

Prof. Kang is a media artist from Korea. She creates interactive audiovisual installations and artworks using Machine Learning methods. Creating interdisciplinary projects, her signature has been a seamless integration of art disciplines and innovative techniques. Her work has been showcased in numerous places around the world, including Korea, Japan, China, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany and the United States. All ten of her past solo shows, consisting of individual or collaborative projects, were invited or awarded.

She has won the Korean National Grant for Arts three times. Her works have been presented at conferences such as ACM, ICMC, ISEA, SIGGRAPH Asia and NeurIPS. Kang earned her Ph.D. in Digital Arts and Experimental Media from DXARTS at the University of Washington. She received an MA in Media Arts and Technology from UCSB and an MFA from Ewha Womans University. She worked as an Associate Professor of New Media Art at the University of Akron in Ohio and currently is a Visiting Professor of Art and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. She also launched the women + art AI collective (

"AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not a person, but it learns from people right from the data set that we created."—Eunsu Kang

Workshop: Student Work

In Eunsu Kang’s workshop, students used machine learning browser applications to generate text and images for creating their own book, emphasizing that artmaking with machine learning allows countless creative opportunities in areas including dance, literature, music, poetry, and sculpture.

"Machine learning algorithms are based on datasets and taxonomies which reflect existing human biases. Therefore, through machine learning, one also learns a lot about human beings."—Eunsu Kang

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