3D Printing Workshop with Dahn Gim

3D modeling and printing skills which can be transferred into an actual skillset for the work field.

Dahn Gim is a visual artist based in LA/Seoul who explores hybridity both in concept and materials. Since completing her M.F.A. from UCLA in Media Art in 2015, Gim has been exhibiting at international venues such as BASIS in Frankfurt; GAS Gallery, Steve Turner, Brand Library & Art Center, AA|LA, LAMAG, Human Resources in Los Angeles; Somerset House in London; and Post Territory Ujoengguk in Seoul. Gim is also a founder of online art platform, makingout.city (www.makingout.la), an independent curator and an artistic director of Media Art Festival based in LA,  FEMMEBIT.

Intro to Exquisite 3D Printing was a basic introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) using Fusion 360 and 3D printing. During the lecture, students were introduced to types of 3D printers and softwares, and then the process and CAD-to-printer workflow of designing a 2D sketch and transforming it into a physical 3D object from scratch using Fusion 360.

Designing with Fusion 360

In the workshop, students were guided through the basic steps of using the software and understanding basic tools. These tools and learned functions (loft, sweep, revolve and extrude) were then used to build various types of vases.

Happy Students

Models created in the workshop were all 3D printed and given to the students for free.

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