How does artificial intelligence (AI) influence creative design?

Data + AI + Design is a series of guest speakers, lectures and accompanying workshops in the intersection between data, artificial intelligence (AI) and design.

This program examined the use of artificial intelligence (AI), interactive media technology, and data analysis in the intersection between design and engineering. SJSU students, faculty, and guest speakers exchanged ideas, discussed various topics about Data and AI, and explored various methodologies to create interactive design prototypes.

The discussion on both workshops and lectures also shed light on the ways in which artists and designers are incorporating AI in their practices to explore post-information age themes such as the ethical issues of artificial intelligence, data-driven design, new user experience design in the development of AI and possible solutions for environmental and social issues with the support of AI. All lectures were open to the general public, and all workshops were open to San José State University students.

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Organizer: Prof. Yoon Chung Han (Department of Design, San José State University)
Student Assistants: Chako Shinmoto (BFA Graphic Design, '22) and Mary Gutierrez (BFA Graphic Design, '22)
This lecture series was sponsored by the Artistic Excellence Programming Grant by the College of Humanities and the Arts in San José State University.

Guest Speakers


Dahn Gim

UC Santa Cruz

Angus Forbes

OCAD University

Haru Ji


York University

Graham Wakefield

Carnegie Mellon University

Eunsu Kang

Six Events

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01 Future Artifact Design

Sep 22-Nov 5, 2020
In collaboration with Chemical and Materials Engineering Department

02 Mobile App

Oct 29-Dec 11, 2020
Mentors: Anthony Viviano, Linda Le and Lucy Chen (Interaction designers at Bloomberg NYC)

03 Intro to Exquisite 3D Printing

Feb 19, 2021
Guest Speaker: Dahn Gim

04 Creative AI

Mar 4 and Apr 30, 2021
Guest Speaker: Angus Forbes

05 Artificial Natures // Games of Life

Mar 12, 2021
Guest Speaker: Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield

06 I Learn Humanities by Making Art with AI

Apr 7 & Apr 9, 2021
Guest Speaker: Eunsu Kang

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