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As a continuation of the “Data+AI+Design” program that has been successfully conducted in AY 2020-2021, this second edition of the program will focus on how data visualizations can be used to understand the past, present, and future of various environmental issues. The issues include marine plastic pollution, air pollution, trees in urban area, energy consumption, and more. Furthermore, students will understand how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and material science can address environmental-friendly solutions and creative approaches for data-driven design.

A total of six guest speakers who are researchers, designers, and engineers from various fields will visit SJSU and share their insights and experiences on visualizing environmental data and creative solutions for climate change in conjunction with data, design, and technology.

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Organizer: Prof. Yoon Chung Han (Department of Design, San José State University)
Student Assistant: Grace Kusuma (BFA Graphic Design, '23)
Previous Student Assistants: Chako Shinmoto (BFA Graphic Design, '22) and Mary Gutierrez (BFA Graphic Design, '22)
This lecture series was sponsored by the Artistic Excellence Programming Grant by the College of Humanities and the Arts in San José State University.

Guest Speakers and Lectures

Storytelling with Environmental Data through Information Design
Storytelling through Information Design
Steven Braun
Assistant Teaching Professor/Designer for Design (Northeastern University)

Lecture: 11AM October 22, 2021
Workshop: 12PM October 22, 2021
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Data and Human Communication
Hyemi Song
Senior UX Designer in Data Visualization (Microsoft)

Lecture: 6PM November 10, 2021
Workshop: 2PM November 12, 2021
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I Want My Data
Laurie Frick
Data Artist

Lecture: 12 PM March 17, 2022
Workshop: 1 PM March 17, 2022
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Artifacts, Data, and Otherwise
Joshua Stein
Professor of architecture (Woodbury University)

Lecture: 11 AM March 23, 2022
Workshop: Starting March 22, 2022
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A New Assemblage: Image-data-based Interactive visualization of a human-machine reality 
Image-Data-Based Visualization of Human-Machine Reality 
Weidi Zhang
Ph.D. Candidate (UC Santa Barbara) and Lecturer (Ohio State University)

Lecture: 3 PM April 19, 2022
Workshop: 3 PM April 20, 2022
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Future of UX
Eunjoo Kim
UX Design Lead for Google Assistant (Google)

Lecture: 5 PM May 23, 2022
Workshop: None
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Future Artifact Design
collaboration with Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
Duration: September 22-November 5 2020
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Mobile Application Design
Mentored by Anthony Viviano, Linda Le and Lucy Chen
Interaction designers (Bloomberg NYC)

Duration: October 29 - December 11 2020
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Intro to Exquisite 3D Printing
Dahn Gim
Independent Visual Artist

Lecture and Workshop: 2PM February 19, 2021
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Artificial Nature // Games of Life
Graham Wakefield & Haru Ji
Associate Professor of Computational Arts (York University)
Associate Professor of Art/Liberal Arts and Sciences (OCAD University)

Lecture: 10AM March 12, 2021
Workshop: 12PM March 12, 2021
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I learn Humanities by making Art with AI
Eunsu Kang
Associate Professor in the Computational Media Department (UC Santa Cruz)

Lecture: 6PM April 7, 2021
Workshop: 11AM April 9, 2021
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Exploring Machine Learning Application for Art and Design
Angus Forbes
Associate Professor in the Computational Media Department (UC Santa Cruz)

Lecture: 10AM April 30, 2021
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